Learn and Teach Your Congregation about God's Love for Immigrants

Below is an ongoing gathering of resources for learning about the issues surrounding immigration, the impact of immigration laws, and the stories of those impacted by them. Use these and future resources that will be added here to educate yourself and your congregation about immigration and a biblical perspective on it.



G92 is a culture-shaping movement seeking to equip the next generation of Christian leaders for an effective, biblical response to immigration.

G92 began at Cedarville University in October of 2011.  It takes its name from the ninety-two references to the ger—the immigrant, in Hebrew—in the Old Testament.  Students, faculty, and administrators at Cedarville joined together with individuals from about twenty other colleges and universities to hear biblical teaching, to raise awareness about the realities of immigration, and to equip Christian college students across the country to learn from, minister to, and advocate with immigrant communities.


Welcoming the Stranger is a site provided by World Relief to provide opportunities to learn about the immigration crisis, form a distinctly Christian perspective, and take action.

Welcoming the Stranger also provides the 4-part "Church Leader's Guide to Immigration" shown below. These are 30-minute video trainings, each followed by a 30-minute church leaders panel discussion. Other resources can be found at: www.theimmigrationalliance.org


Part 1: I think immigration is an important issue, but many people in my church are unconvinced or don’t want to engage. What can I do?

Part 2: We’re planning to start involvement in immigrant ministry, but where do we start and how do we do it in a healthy way?


Part 3: We want to help with responding to legal services but we aren’t ready to do provide legal services ourselves, how do we help?

Part 4: We are ready to start a legal services ministry site. What do we do now?